How to Teach Kids Critical Thinking Skills

Your kids need to overcome the rote memorization and testing culture found in today's schools.  Using materials from school or that you already own, help your kids develop the critical thinking skills necessary for the ACT, SAT, college success and beyond!

  • Learn methods that can be used with children of all ages.

    Beginning when a child first begins to talk, you can lay the foundation for developing critical thinking skills.  An absolute must for older kids writing literature analyses and research papers.

  • Learn how to implement the process used in the nation's top law schools.

    Despite being top students, most young people entering law school have to learn how to use critical thinking skills for the first time in their lives. Your kids can learn these skills now!

  • Learn how to apply methods in non-academic settings.

    Learning doesn't happen only in academic settings. Critical thinking skills can be applied in all areas of life. Apply these methods in kid friendly ways - when they don't even know they are using those skills!

  • Use resources that you already have on hand - no need to purchase anything additional!

    I'm not going to try to sell you any additional materials to pull this off. You can use the books you already have, the knowledge you already have and the stuff your kids bring home from school.

  • Enjoy opening up the avenues of communication with your kids.

    This method primarily involves talking and asking questions. Regardless of your education level, you can talk to your kids, right? You'll find that you and your kids have more to talk about and you'll both learn more about each other.

Webinar Details

  • Judy Sarden

    Author, speaker, corporate attorney and homeschooling mom of two


    Not to worry - You can still learn how to teach your kids valuable critical thinking skills with our 1 hour audio.